About Us

A rental car for every mood.
Discover our range of rental cars from the Republic of Moldova.
Avis car rental offers you a wide range of cars, sizes and styles suitable for the most demanding tastes. Avis’s fleet includes a fairly wide range of vehicles, whether you need a small sedan for city exploration or a business car to turn your eyes around, or maybe you’re looking for a car that’s suitable for a romantic getaway or a car massive enough for an extended family vacation.

All Avis Moldova rental cars are less than 12 months old on average and are technically checked before each rental.

We have a fleet of new cars, of different makes and models, suitable for business or leisure trips. We offer for rent cheap compact, standard cars, sedan, 4×4 / SUV and 8 + 1 minibuses.

Avis Moldova offers various high quality logistic services:

Whether your business needs short-term or long-term car rentals, Avis Moldova can build a unique solution to meet your customized transportation requirements.
Long-term rentals are suitable for:
–   Foreign companies expanding their activity in the Republic of Moldova
–   Companies that need cars for temporary employees
–   Specific projects, seasonal activities and other events that require fast efficient transport solutions
–   Companies that do not want to buy but need cars for their business
–   Companies that want to avoid long-term contractual commitments

The advantages of Avis Moldova services for companies:
–   Lack of expensive external financing and long-term capital blockage
–   Individual contractual terms, according to the volume of rentals and specific requirements
–   Lack of expenses, time and effort for: insurance, service, periodic technical inspections and repairs
–   Reduced costs due to the elimination of coordination activities
–   Latest car models (not older than 12 months)
–   Delivery and collection to / from your addresses
–   Collaboration with the best travel agencies / tour operators
–   High degree of satisfaction given by the fast and professional supply of rental cars